The following information are excerpts from various newsletters issued by PASCALITE Inc. written by Ray Pendergraft and staff:

Note: Ray Pendergraft has since passed over to the other side of life at the age of 92. He died of a "broken heart", as his wife had preceded him just a few month earlier.

An outstanding case history is that of Carl Largent, a teenage boy in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, at the foot of the Big Horn, who had scratched his leg accidentally. It be-came infected and gangrenous. His doctor wanted to amputate it, saying this was the only way to save his life, but Carl's father would not permit it; instead he packed it with a thick PASCALITE paste and the leg promptly healed and was as good as ever in three weeks.

For what it is worth, I offer the following: A Viet Nam veteran, returning home a hopeless addict and alcoholic, so desperate that he contemplated suicide - and was willing to try anything, was persuaded to take some PASCALITE internally. He noticed from the first day that he began drinking PASCALITE and water, his compulsion to drink slowly left him. Shortly his life did a complete turn-around --he not only lost his alcohol dependency, but also his slavery to dope.

He then met another Viet Nan' vet suffering the same double addiction. He got the fellow to use PASCALITE clay as well, and the results were the same as the first.

A third person reported that he had once been an alcoholic sot, but had started taking clay, again with the same fortunate results. And I knew still another man, trying without success to sober up after a week's binge, who was induced by a local health food store owner to start taking PASCALITE in tablet form. Within a twenty-four hour period he did sober up, his stomach was straightened out--and thereafter he, too, renounced alcohol.

Who knows if this would work for everyone? This discovery could have far-reaching results, but sadly enough this possibility has generally been ignored.

Three individuals stated under oath that topical use of PASCALITE paste had re-moved all symptoms of hemorrhoids in 2 to 4 nightly applications. Many others have reported similar results in its use for piles, rectal fissures and related conditions.

Kitt Nelson of Scottsdale, Arizona explains how PASCALITE cured her 22-year-old daughter of a serious case of chicken pox: "she was very ill and covered from head to toe with pox which nearly drove her crazy because of the itching and irritation. In desperation she mixed PASCALITE with water to a thin consistency and applied it to her body. in a matter of hours(!) the healing set in and she had complete rest and relief. Her recovery was fast and her skin remained lovely - the pox left no scars, which was a miracle."

Nell Coates of Amboy, Washington, explained in her letter of how PASCALITE cured her psoriasis: Her doctors said there was "no known cure for it and gave me a list of things to purchase." After getting home and thinking about it, she decided it was too expensive for something that wouldn't work anyway. Instead she ordered a pound of PASCALITE, mixed it with water to make a thick paste and applied this to the spots. When it dried, she washed it off with warm water, applied peroxide with a cotton ball, rinsed this of and held a 250 watt light close enough that the heat dried it. At night she applied the paste and wrapped her legs in plastic and let it dry more gradually. She began this treatment in May of 1970 and continued through to August - by then she didn't have even a scar left."

A case of anemia due to anorexia nervosa was reported by a doctor in New York: "as this is an emotional disorder, it is difficult to establish any biochemical effect with regard to PASCALITE. Never the less, after 2 week of 3 No.00 caps per day, the blood serum of this patient had re-turned to normal".

A woman suffering from cataracts and threatened loss of sight was advised by a psychic to use water filtered through PASCALITE as eye drops, combining this treatment with PASCALITE paste on the eye-lids.

The psychic did not know of PASCALITE by name, referring to it as a 'white clay in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming,' and it was some time before the patient was able to get an address and secure the white clay, PASCALITE. She reports the treatment was effective, the cataracts dissolving. Two other persons have also reported similar results.

A woman who was taking 3 No.00 capsules of PASCALITE daily, reported that a place on her scalp damaged several years previously by a hair preparation was now growing new hair by using PASCALITE applied directly to the scalp.

A sufferer from an advanced stage of pyorrhea was told by her dentist that she should have all her teeth extracted. She began to use cotton pads soaked in a PASCALITE-and-water solution, applying them between gums and cheeks at night. Her dentist later found the pyorrhea gone; and now, 10 years later, teeth and gums are in better condition than originally.

A Cleveland, Ohio doctor who has repeatedly ordered PASCALITE, states that he has found it aids in eliminating arthritis, that it reduces cholesterol, dissolves gall-bladder and kidney stones, and neutralizes metabolic waste.

A man suffering from a case of penile Herpes Simplex first used the expensive cream prescribed by his doctor, but to no avail; the infection spread. He turned to a mixture of PASCALITE and honey and within 3 days the swelling had disappeared and within an additional week "blisters, cratering, necrosis, and suppuration had healed over with fresh pink flesh. " When it appeared again the following year, he "nipped it in the bud by using mere tap water added to the PASCALITE and within 7 days it was all healed, and the original blisters never spread as before, and the amount of pain was this time almost negligible. The skin is healthy, pink and unscarred."