Suggested Uses

As we make no claims for PASCALITE we can only tell you how people have used PASCALITE, and their suggestions.

PASCALITE has been used successfully for: dietary supplement; digestive aid; colon cleanser; stomach upset; ulcers; throat, tooth and gum problems; sinus irritations; brushing teeth, just to name a few.

Using the powder dry, PASCALITE is an excellent deodorant; works great on diaper rash; clears ulcerated varicose veins, etc.

Mixed with water, and applied topically, PASCALITE has been found to help: burns; acne; skin rashes and disorders; cold sores; boils; spider bites; bee stings; rectal problems; sprains and aches; infections, and more!

Animals have benefited from the use of PASCALITE as well. It has helped cows with scours and pneumonia. Veterinarians use it on dogs, cats, horses, etc... for various afflictions including injuries and infections. Pets are helped, too. PASCALITE has been reported to stimulate plant growth and productivity.

INTERNALLY: Stir PASCALITE powder into a glass of your favorite beverage (water, milk, coffee, etc...), and drink immediately.* 

*The amount of powder to use will vary, depending on your body. Some take 3 tsp. twice a day, others more or less.

The PASCALITE powder may be sprinkled on food instead of mixing with liquid, if desired.

A patient taking 2 No.00 capsules of powder by mouth four times a day re-moved all symptoms of an active ulcer and hyperacidity in 7 days.

A wet pack applied to corns and calluses on and between the toes was left on 3 days, then changed and left on 3 more days. All symptoms were relieved, and the corns had disappeared.

Eczema, treated by 'everything' for 10 years, responded within 2 days to treatment by PASCALITE, and in 1 week the hands were normal.

Used as a water-and-PASCALITE pack on the face and arms of an explosion-burn victim, it relieved the pain almost immediately and these areas-did not blister. The hands, given conventional treatment, did blister.

Used in powder form, it has cleared diaper rash overnight.

As a bowel cleanser, stir 1 tsp. of powder in water and drink a half hour before breakfast. As each person is unique, some experimentation may be helpful. You may wish to repeat before the evening meal. Or replace the powder with a PASCALITE tablet. For those who don't like to swallow tablets, we offer CAPSULES. They possess the same benefits as tablets, minus the tooth help (your teeth won't come in contact with the live powder).

And our users have found another use for CAPSULES: as suppositories for hemorrhoids. DRAMATICALLY EFFECTIVE! Convenient, too; just insert and forget. Once or twice usually sufficient, they report.

In a stressful, hurry-up world, this affliction is becoming more and more prevalent. BUT MANY USERS OF PASCALITE HAVE FOUND IT TO BE THE MOST EFFECTIVE OF ALL AVAILABLE TREATMENTS. Some call it a miracle!

Our new CHEWABLE TABLETS: What can they do for the "I don't feel good" syndrome? A number of reports indicate substantial benefit for tooth-and-gum hygiene. Many reports are strongly indicative of definite help for unhappy tummies. PASCALITE contains 17 essential minerals required by the body. as usable oxides. A remarkable synergism in the relationship of the minerals in PASCALITE is suggested by scientists' research.

PASCA-DENT: Big boon to dentures for those sore gums. Just sprinkle on inside of plates, then use regular adhesive. WHAT A RELIEF! if you've still got your own teeth, brushing with PASCA-DENT - well, one lady writes: "My gums don't bleed anymore, since brushing with PASCA-DENT."

PASCA-PAK, for skin texture and complexion. Its tremendous drawing power pulls out the deep embedded soil and impurities. As it dries on the face, you can actually feel the skin tissues tighten. Or you can mix your own with our regular PASCALITE powder and water - made into a medium thick paste. Let it dry on the face, flush off - as one lady wrote "WOW!"

PASCA-BALM - rub it into skin to soften. Also great for skin irritations, bites, cuts, etc.