More Precious Than Gold

by Rhona Terry

I spotted a book 'More Precious than Gold' on a coffee table at a friend's house and curious about the title asked if I could read it. ... and my adventure began.

Amazed, I read about the colourful history of Ray Pendergraft and his lifetime work in the PASCALITE mine of Wyoming, two pioneers whose eventful lives have become totally intertwined with the curious and continuing saga of Pascalite.

I was moved by the book and ordered some of this clay. In the evenings I put a bit on my gums on the right hand side only. Co-incidentally, five days later I had a dentist appointment. Wondering if he would notice a difference, I didn't say a word but waited for feedback.

Well, I got it. The dentist said "what did you do to the right hand side of your mouth? Your right lingual is perfect and your throat is perfect on the right hand side, while pink on the left".

That was the beginning for me. I have since put Pascalite on a bad burn from a curling iron on my cheek. The pain ceased and I didn't get even a red mark. I put a paste made with the clay and water on my feet, covered it with a damp cloth and then put plastic bags on top to keep it moist. I left this on for a couple of hours. My feet had been aching because of the cement floor in my shop, this ache ceased .... and the skin on my feet felt like satin!

Pascalite is a clay that was found quite 'by accident' by a trapper named Pascal. He had very bad chapped, bleeding hands and while harvesting a cougar, got some of this 'white stuff' on his hands. He noticed when he washed it off that his hands had begun to heal. He took some with him and applied it a couple more times and his hands were fine. Eventually many people had the opportunity to use this clay and report miraculous happenings.

I took a 1/4 of a tea spoon for a stomach upset and amazingly, after swallowing it only seconds went by and I was relieved. I have done this several times since.

There are many letters from very happy customers. One man called and told me how he passed 4 kidney stones 'WITHOUT PAIN' just after he started taking Pascalite daily. I have letters from people in wheelchairs that say, 'everyone in a wheel chair should have this.' Skin breakdown is a big problem and 'Pascalite has been wonderful' say the users.

No official claims are made for Pascalite. All information has come from people using the material or through my own experiences.

I have used it as a facemask and it has a great affect. It has been noted to diminish scars and wrinkles. From the letters I have received it doesn't seem to matter what part of the body is in need of help.

Many letters end with "God Bless you" for your dedication and belief in this clay. These letters are addressed to Ray Pendergraft, the man that mined Pascalite since 1933.

I have definitely become more regular and others have said it has helped them with diarrhea. Some are thrilled with their nails and hair. Some say that they have more energy, and I know I do. Many people comment that they generally feel better. All of their aches and pains have gone and they didn't realise it until someone complained about theirs.

Also, I noticed I could lift a gallon of milk without helping with my left hand. I was thrilled as my right wrist had been sore and I couldn't lift easily anymore. I can now!

Brushing my teeth with Pascalite has become a daily routine. I wet my brush and dip it into a small bowl of the clay. My teeth are whiter and shinier and I definitely do not have the plaque build-up that I previously had.

A friend in Oroville is very grateful for the improvement in her dog's health.

I have letters from people who tried it on arthritis and found much relief. Hemorrhoids are gone in 1 - 4 days say my customers.

Written material on the history of Pascalite and free samples are available because I know that if you try it, there is a big chance you will love it. Have a use in mind before asking me to send it to you.

If after you have read the papers sent to you, you would like to know even more about it, there is the book called "More Precious Than Gold". It includes the entire history of PASCALITE, written by Ray Pendergraft.

I have been blessed with the knowledge and availability of this most precious clay and I am grateful.

Rhona Terry is an enthusiastic user of Pascalite and recommends it to friends .... and anyone who wants to listen. Rhona can be reached by email: